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Women have much more power and intuitive force than they give themselves credit for. In this seminar we teach women how to cultivate a warrior mentality and protect themselves and those they love, from potentially dangerous situations and people. We focus on:


  • Situational awareness

  • Recognizing intuitive feelings

  • Identifying predators

  • Protecting and educating children

  • Domestic violence and abusive relationships

  • Overcoming a physical attack


Our goal is for you to leave this seminar with confidence to fight back in addition to an increased level of situational awareness, so you can better protect yourself and family.


"As you become more observant of your surroundings, your situational awareness improves and you begin to notice more in the world around you."

-Dave Acosta, pg.52 VICTIMS NO MORE

seminar background

Originally created and taught frequently for several years by Dave Acosta, this course continues to empower every woman who attends. 


Dave dedicated his life to protecting and educating his community. His extensive credentials include 13 years as an active duty law enforcement officer, followed by 17 more years of service in the public and private sectors. For reference, details of Dave's background include: SWAT, Counter-terrorism task force, under cover police work, private contracting in the Middle East, security consulting, executive protection, firearms instruction and CQB (close quarter battle) training for Law Enforcement both nationally and internationally, author of the book "Victims No More", and the creator of the Fight Back Nation program that teaches schools and corporations how to defeat active shooters. 


Dave sadly passed away in 2020, but his wife Danielle and daughters Mackenzie and Courtney, continue to teach this class in his stead. His daughter Courtney provides important law enforcement perspective and experience as a former police officer as well.

book a seminar

This course is taught in private group settings and ranges from 2-3 hours in duration. Please contact Danielle Acosta at for more information on rates and to schedule a seminar. 


* Due to the mature nature of the material, this seminar is for women ages 12 and up. 


** This seminar is exclusively for women and there are no exceptions in any setting. This protects the integrity of the class and allows women to feel comfortable sharing experiences and asking questions.

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