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In most active shooter situations the police response will be 3 minutes or less. However, from the second the first round is fired until the shooter is engaged by law enforcement, YOU are your own first responder. We will give you the tools you need to survive and more importantly we will teach you how to protect those who depend on you to keep them safe.  
Our Story

Dave Acosta is the founder of Fight Back Nation, bringing over 26 years of law enforcement and international security experience to the project. He started his law enforcement career in 1992 in Las Vegas. Though he loved his time as the point-man on his SWAT team, he found his true calling working in austere environments across the globe. He has conducted tactical missions and provided training to elite units throughout Latin America, Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

He is also the inventor of the ASRV-FIST, the only fully armored rescue vehicle in the US specifically built to go into buildings during Active Shooter events.  It was through this project that he met Dr. John Giduck (author of “Terror at Beslan” and other books) with whom he became good friends. John Introduced Dave to Lt Col. David Grossman (author of “On Killing” and additional books) as well as Donnie Goodman, who was the tactical commander on scene during the Virginia Tech mass shooting. It was this network of amazing professionals and a dire need to reduce the vulnerabilities of our schools that inspired Dave to create the Fight Back Nation project.

Our Mission

Dave believes that anyone can have the fundamental skills to not only survive a mass shooting but protect those around them … and he believes we all have a duty to do so.  As such his motto “Prepare to be the Solution” was developed to ensure that we take personal ownership in our families’ and communities’ safety.  Our goal is to empower you with knowledge and the tools you need to prevail in the face of overwhelming odds.

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We have trained thousands of educators, professional security agents and corporate clients how to prepare for, prevent and protect against mass shootings. Though these clients come from different backgrounds, the goal is always the same; preserve life during a critical incident. We are all united in the Fight Back mentality. We are victims no more. We are the FIGHT BACK NATION.  

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